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JB Asics DynaFlyte CM

Personal Trainer JB for FlyteFoam


PersonalFit’s fitness trainer in Tokyo JB is featured in the very last DynaFlyte by Asics commercial now on air. Again a clever choice from this renown brand to use actual real athletes and trainers. You can have a look at it just below.

CM for FlyteFoam with trainer JB

Click here to see the video on Youtube

We obviously are not bound  to Asics and the hereby commercial material belongs to the brand. Yet we do consider this brand for its qualities and we are very glad JB got part of their promotion campaign.

This matches our concept at PersonalFit Japan: providing a top notch training by athletes and models. We do believe in what we teach and we try absolutely everything on ourselves to deliver the efficient most training to our valuable clients.


PersonalFit – Personal Trainer and fitness instructor in Tokyo

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