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5 weeks -6 kg Real people Real pictures 5 weeks -6 kg Real people Real pictures

Disclaimer: Those genuine results have been accomplished under very controlled conditions for the sole purpose of a TV program.
We cannot guarantee, under any condition, anybody to reach such extreme level of performances and results in such short times. Training and dieting are working together toward weight loss and lean mass gain, yet magnitude vastly differs between each individual.

We deliver results

Romain’s success story – 5 weeks, 6kg lost

At PersonalFit Japan, we proudly hit the 130 trainees milestone. Yet, our client base made of executives, artists, performers, actors, diplomatic officers and our strong data protection policy prevent us from displaying openly our results.

Lately we received a call from a famous fashion photographer in Japan to help a model with a real potential. We had a very short time to make him lose 5kg. We accepted the challenge and we made it happen together with Romain, a model and actor who accepted then to let us publish his logs. Are you looking for efficient trainers able to work hand in hand with you to your very own goal? Here is the story of one among all our valuable trainees. Romain has now reached his goal, his career took off seriously and you will see him on both TV and at the cinema soon. Congratulation on your roles!

  • Romain – Model and Actor in Japan

Romain used to be a competitive level ice skater from Toulouse in France. He happened to be a model in a reputable french agency. When he turned 25yo he came to Japan to continue his modelling career.
In the meantime he gained a sure amount of fat tissues enjoying a little bit too much Japanese cuisine. On top of that ice skating gave him some way too muscular legs.

We had then to both make him lose fat and localized muscles to balance his appearance. All of that in 5 weeks. Here were his specs:

  • Weight:80,5kg height:1m85 chest:96/waist:86/hips:104
  • Used to train a lot then stopped
  • Orthopedic surgery fully recovered
  • Very high motivation level
  • Outdoor training only, no gym around

We ask our trainees to take pictures of their meals to adjust macros to the desired effect, we assess evolution and take measurements during each stages of the training.

Timeline exercises and nutrition

Final result: -6kg chest:-3,5cm / waist:-12cm / hips:-7cm

You will find here the matching programs, this is just to show you how we adapt training to each individuals to obtain the best and sustainable results as fast as possible. Contact us for more information.

nutrition macros

Carbs 50%
Proteins 33%
Fats 17%