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PersonalFit Japan team is happy to provide you the following services, you will find here also informations about possible training locations, availabilities and prices.

How much

A Personal Trainer costs money, for sure, so do your financial expert, attorney and doctor. Time is money and we are here to save you a ton of money by doing the things right, making you healthier, far less prone to health situations and above all prevent you from getting injured while training. Our prices are very simple and clear (a pack is valid one year from its purchase date):


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Book us for one session

Bring a friend at
No extra charge

60mins - ¥10000


Most popular, best value

10 x 60mins for ¥90,000

Bring a friend
No extra charge

60mins - ¥9000*


Limited Offer

20 x 60mins for ¥170,000

Bring a friend
No extra charge


*Actual cost of each single session for that very pack

All our prices are tax included – Contact us if you are willing to train in group with your friends a discounted group session

  • Payment process

Payment should be made for either:

  • The session just taken, if 1 by 1 payment is preferred
  • A pack of sessions

Payment is made in either cash or bank transfer, a receipt is then issued. Non extra cost is required on our side. If training is done at a commercial gym, client is responsible for the payment of his/her own entrance fees directly to the gym.

  • Refund policy

Refund is available for the whole remainder of your credit money if you are willing to stop, at any time, by bank transfer only. If a 10 session pack is taken and the client desires to stop after the 6th session, the client gets a refund on 4 sessions within 3 business days.

  • Cancellation

Please tell us at least 24h before and your session will be rescheduled. Failure to give a notice in time will incur the cost of the session.


  • On site resistance training

Resistance training, with proficient certified trainer is the fastest way to build a solid body base. It does not mean getting big, it means giving your body a better shape and the ability to deal with heavy loads. This benefits everybody, from the athlete to the orthopedic rehab patient. From the skinniest lady to the massive hulk. Resistance training is performed most commonly in a gym, but could also be done in a park (calisthenic training) or at home.

  • On site endurance training

Endurance training develops your cardiovascular system and has a huge impact in your body circulation. This is a primordial part of any training plan. From fat burning to muscle gain or sports improvement (i.e. weekend golfer willing an upgrade in performances). This is preferably done outside in a pleasant open air area, yet gym or home are still options.

  • Nutrition counseling

Our professional trainers will provide you advices on nutrition to match your habits and help you meet your goals. You can consult your trainer as much as you want on that as long as you are still involved in a training cycle.

  • Online support

Keep contact with your trainer! No, we don’t train “online”, in Personal Training there is “Personal” and we truly believe that a trainer presence is mandatory. Let’s ask your dentist for an online surgery? Yet, in between sessions, your reference trainer will be happy to answer your questions and to follow you up to get your feedback, impressions and finally twitch the program regarding to all of those factors. Communication is part of our training.


We mainly meet you at our studio, but please feel free to discuss with our trainers on your favorite places within Tokyo(Home, your building gym, parks, ect).


Lady training at home


Logo Location Studio


Training in the park

*please note that we are not bound to any of those locations


We are very flexible at PersonalFit Japan, we also work with other trainers matching our strict standards, if your schedule is not matching any of ours one time, we can arrange it for you as much as possible. Please contact us upon that.