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Fit for Owls

FitForOwls PersonalFit now trains also at night time!

We have been considering people with difficult schedules recently and then came the idea of training also in those more and more common 24/7 gyms.

Last week I visited one and they are really cleaning, nicely equipped for the price, even considered it for myself.

The one I visited is a FastGym 24 managed by Tipness, the Edogawabashi facility close to the station of the same name.

Many other gyms are working on this concept, so there  is obviously one close to your location. It’s quite “cheap” also compared to the big ones, something like ¥7,200/month with some interesting campaigns and discounts.

FastGym 24 logo

FastGym 24 ad

Actually their best feature is that there is absolutely no staff at night time, which could also be a relief for the new comers sometimes afraid of people looking at them messing around and trying to figure out the whole stuff. We would then be happy to help.

The biggest problem at night is the last of transportations, so please tell us if you are interested in such training experience, to see if a trainer can join you in a gym nearby.

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