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How much protein per day

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A pretty common and relevant question we face in personal training is the amount of protein to be taken to meet one’s goal. Well, it is both simple and complex, here is how it’s calculated.


Every now and then, values are changing according to the most recent study, yet, they almost always revolve around that main idea:

1,5 to 2g of protein per day per pound of lean mass

Obviously this is only true for the athlete or the mass building individual.

If you plan to diet or just do not do any sports those values are totally off. Remember that 1g of protein is 4kcal. So, if those proteins are not metabolized in a favorable environment, they will mostly be turned into fat.


To calculate your needs you should:

  • Define your lean mass. We never refer to your weight as is, one fat individual and one very ripped other could be of the same gross weight. Their respective protein needs are obviously dramatically different. This is done by subtracting your body fat percentage from your gross weight.
  • Define your activity and goal. This will determine an index to multiply by your lean mass, resulting in a daily protein intake load to be divided between your meals all over your day.

All of this is summed up in the following calculator.


Now, keeping in mind that all proteins are not equal (some are getting assimilated more easily, some are incomplete, we will discuss that in another article), here is what 100g of proteins looks like.


100g of proteins in food

Quite massive isn’t it?

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