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Our Premium Fitness Studio

Upscale service and location at the price of a regular PT session

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Accessibility – Approximately 9min away from either Ebisu or Hiroo Station.

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Complete equipment – All you ever need to reach your goal

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Highly Qualified – Certified Staff with years of experience in Tokyo

9 mins from Ebisu station
8 mins from Hiroo station
17 mins from Azabujuban

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    PersonalFit is in Tokyo fitness landscape since 2014, we provided our services and refined our unique method through experience and results. Our unique concept is to provide a set of services to our trainees to reach their goals in the most efficient way in a both timely and financially way. Those services are coming included and as a whole in our prices.

    We had the luck to meet and support hundreds of people. Athletes, dancers, high profile executives, the whole spectrum. We developed our own tools and material and we built our method around three pillars:

    • A tailor made workout that we are updating very regularly to match your very personal needs, we know how to define them with you
    • A nutrition profiling tool, also internally made, when directions are not enough, we can profile and find the issue


    Your program follows you on holidays and completes our sessions, we are not waiting for you, we are supporting you and we love it.

    custom workout

    Workout Plan Personal Training

    nutrition profiling

    Nutrition Report Personal Training

    Step 1 - Assessment

    Meet us at the studio. It usually takes no more than 1h.

    We could then hear about your goals, define a proper schedule and test your fitness level!

    Step 2 - Your program

    Once or ideally twice in a week, your main trainer, assisted by an alt coach will define with you a path to the next milestone.

    A tailor made program is then built for you, your specific level, weak and strong points. It is then regularly updated.

    Step 3 - Guidance

    Nutritional guidance is also provided is this program to achieve your next goal and get all the results your are indeed to expect.

    It comes with logging to keep you accountable and for us to build a plan that matches your tastes and lifestyle. Because this is how fitness gets integrated into the real active life. If necessary, we are profiling your nutrition to find the limiting factor. It doesn’t always come obvious and we made tools for that.

    Step 4 - Results

    Sizes and key factors are logged at regular intervals for you to check your constant evolution and keep your motivation high.


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    Premium 1 to 1 Studio

    9 mins from Ebisu
    or Hiroo station

    10 x 60mins for ¥90,000

    Workout plan included

    60mins - ¥9000

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