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Lifting equipment

Few considerations about training equipment that I use for personal training in Tokyo or even for myself.   1-Gloves One of the very things you buy after hitting the gym for a little while. They prevent calluses formation. Pretty cheap, over time I found those only really useful for pulling exercises such as rowing, yet […]

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foam roll mini

What is SMFR – Self myofascial release with foam roll

  Self-myofascial release (SMFR) is a technique principally used to remove knots from muscles using foam rolling, with foam rollers, exercise balls or other cylindrical object, to apply pressure with one’s body weight to massage muscle and decrease micro adhesion while attaining a deep stretch and releasing the fascia.   Fascia Fascia is the soft […]

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10 most challenging exercises

Training people here in Tokyo, you may meet obviously and luckily different personalities among your trainees. For those who get shivers just thinking at being in the middle of a bro pool at the gym or the very goal driven individual here is a a little something to help you pushing the gym’s door.   […]

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Adistar weight lifting

No kicks to lift

Why not to squat or dead-lift with running shoes Why not to squat or dead-lift with running shoes. Running shoes tend to have a thick sole(cushion, air) and thin toe which in effect pitches you forward, with the sole starting to compress as you will start to push, especially with heavy weight, creating and instability […]

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Strength Curve Mini

The strength curve

Advanced knowledge, the seven factors in motion and how to improve them Every body is different and there is no better place to observe this than personal training. With the Olympics preparations ongoing in Tokyo we encounter more and more athletes looking for advanced stuff. The strength curve is a comprehensive way to depict movement and […]

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7 rules mini

The seven “granddaddy” fitness rules

  Whatever your goal is in fitness, you can always confront your very own experience to those laws. Just to make sure you are doing it right. The following seven fitness rules might help you understand why one cannot pick a workout program out of internet or a magazine as is.   1. Principle of […]

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