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Low Glycemic Index can mini

The Glycemic Index, all carbs are not equal

  -What’s GI, Joe? -The Glycemic Index of course And this was a pathetic pun to introduce the concept of Glycemic Index. You may have never heard of it, yet it is a really handy and important concept to take into account for you fitness training. Alright, as a personal trainer Tokyo and fitness instructor, […]

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Protein intake mini

How much protein per day

A pretty common and relevant question we face in personal training is the amount of protein to be taken to meet one’s goal. Well, it is both simple and complex, here is how it’s calculated.   Every now and then, values are changing according to the most recent study, yet, they almost always revolve around […]

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scale and bodyfat mini

Ways to measure your bodyfat

Electronic scales suck as measuring bodyfat percentage, do not use them This statement sums that whole article up, yet we are going to explain why and what could be used as a reliable method to track your body fat and progress. As a personal trainer in Tokyo I face almost every day people being so […]

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Caveman's fastfood

The carbs-restricted diets

Fad diets: carbs are not evil, they serve you more than you think. Let’s start on the topic of diets to avoid with the carbohydrate-restricted diets.   Whatever your current fitness level is and your current daily activity, your nutrition should always be made of the following nutrients in various quantities depending on your goals […]

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