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The following BMR calculator is provided for your very own usage. It is a reliable tool, definitively not a fantasy widget. Based on real studies over population samples by Dr.Fred Hatfield founder of the ISSA.

  • BMR

Your BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate is the minimum energy required to maintain the body’s life function at rest. This is absolutely not your goal. If you would stay on a bed awaken for 24 hours, the BMR would be your exact caloric expenditure.

  • Daily caloric expenditure

This value is the actual most accurate estimation of the amount of calories required  to maintain your body’s life function while performing your average activities. To gain muscle, you should get a little bit more than that and to lose fat, a little bit less.

  • Daily intakes

Those values are helpers, for you to know what  amount of each nutrient you should eat per day. Vitamins and water are not included. Yet, keep in mind that those values are for pure nutrients. Foods are compounds, therefore, each type of food is a very specific mix. You can look up for that using our Nutrition Facts Calculator.