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7 rules mini

The seven “granddaddy” fitness rules

  Whatever your goal is in fitness, you can always confront your very own experience to those laws. Just to make sure you are doing it right. The following seven fitness rules might help you understand why one cannot pick a workout program out of internet or a magazine as is.   1. Principle of […]

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Fit for Owls

 PersonalFit now trains also at night time! We have been considering people with difficult schedules recently and then came the idea of training also in those more and more common 24/7 gyms. Last week I visited one and they are really cleaning, nicely equipped for the price, even considered it for myself. The one I […]

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Caveman's fastfood

The carbs-restricted diets

Fad diets: carbs are not evil, they serve you more than you think. Let’s start on the topic of diets to avoid with the carbohydrate-restricted diets.   Whatever your current fitness level is and your current daily activity, your nutrition should always be made of the following nutrients in various quantities depending on your goals […]

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